Monday, April 13, 2009

Hi all

Well, the time has once again come for a “If I had all the money in the world to pay to the BizTalk development team and I could decide what to put into the next version of BizTalk, this would be it”-list :-) There are a couple of items that I have stolen from

  1. Orchestration debugging should be easier. I really hate that I have to deploy my orchestration, throw a message through it just to get an instance in HAT that I an set breakpoints on and then have to throw another message trough the orchestration to debug it.
  2. No more pipelines. Why no let the developer have an inline pipeline designer in a receive location and a send port? this way I don’t have to build custom pipelines – I can just chose pipeline components right on the receive locations and send ports.
  3. For development purposes, it would be really nice to be able to right click a receive location that is disabled and choose "Execute". If for instance I have a SQL adapter receive location that is supposed to poll every minute, then I don't want to have to quickly disable the receive location once it has been fired. I want to keep it disabled, so data wont go through my system when I am not ready, and then just execute it whenever I am ready.
  4. Restart Host Instances only once. Right now, if I deploy my solution from VS.NET, and this solution has 10 projects that are all set to "Restart Host Instances" on deployment, then the host instances will get restarted 10 times. Would be nice if VS.NET could figure this out and only do it once.
  5. Specify the node that is body, when using enveloping and not just the parent. It makes great sense, that I can specify a node and all child elements are then submitted as separate messages from the receive pipeline. This is how we can receive orders, invoices, etc. in the same XML. BUT, if I receive XML where I only need the Orders, then I would like to point at the Orders element so that is all I get. Right now I have to use standard enveloping, and implement logic to just delete the invoices, etc. Not really nice, I think.
  6. Better modeling tools for business processes. The last Gartners quadrant I saw on BMPS didn’t have Microsoft mentioned at all. Would be great with some formal cooperation with IDScheers Aris product or the like. Something like simulating your business process with different values in rules would be just great
  7. Promoting via XPath. Please let me specify the XPath for some element that I want promoted in the disassembler components. If I know of an XPath that guarantees that only one value is in the result set og evaluating that XPath, then let me use it instead of forcing me to not promote anything that can occur multiple times. I am aware that with the current limitation, BizTalk is helping developers to not make mistakes, but hy not give us the opportunity and then suspend the message if the developer was wrong and multiple elements are in the resulting node list after evaluating the XPath expression?
  8. It would be nice if we could expose a web service without having to require a parameter. If I want to expose an orchestration that builds an inventory XML hat customers can request, I really don’t need a parameter to do that. Some workaround would be nice.


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