Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hi all

I have had posts about the context accessor functoid here and here.

Just a couple of notes about the context accessor functoids (plural - because there are two functoids at codeplex):

  • One of the functoids will only work when called from a map that is executed inside an orchestration.
  • The other functoid will only work when called from a map in a receive port AND only if the pipeline component that ships with the functoid has been used in the receive pipeline.

As you can see, creating a map based on either of these functoids makes your map impossible to use in either an orchestration or a receive port based on which functoid you chose. So you are creating a pretty hard coupling between your map and where it should be used. This can be ok, but if other developers mess around with your solution in a year or so, they wont know that and things can start breaking up.

My self: I am a user of the functoids - I would use them instead of assigning values inside an orchestration using a message assignment shape.. but this discussion is pretty much academic and about religion :-)

Anyway, beware the limitations!


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